Crowdfunding - Is it right for your business?

Crowdfunding Assessment Tool

For many small business owners Crowdfunding may be a viable option.  Nor-Cal FDC has developed an innovative Crowdfunding Assessment Tool to quickly help you identify the best funding solution for your business.  Answer a few questions to determine if Crowdfunding is the solution.


Crowdfunding Strategies and Best Practices

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular new funding method, but it requires careful planning and a serious marketing strategy to be successful.   Our tools and resources answer the most common questions about Crowdfunding and help you make the right decision about fundraising for your business.

Crowdfunding Tools & Resources

Finding the right information about Crowdfunding can be a daunting task - many times the biggest challenge is knowing where to start first. Our Crowdfunding Tools and Resources puts information and answers to your questions at your fingertips. Ready to make the right decision about Crowdfunding? Click on the Crowdfunding Tools and Resources button and get started.