Economic Development Programs and Services

Measuring the Small Business Impact to our Communities

Nor-Cal can assist Counties, Cities and Municipalities and other key stakeholders with a comprehensive approach to economic development through small business finance and development programs. Our goal is to assist in developing the infrastructure that will provide financing resources for small businesses. With key benefits focusing on expanding business related tax revenues, job creation and community development. Building on our 35+ years of proven results we are able to develop small business financing sources for business growth.  We also measure the financial impact to communities by capturing key performance indicators including the amount of the wages created and the direct and indirect sales tax generated by providing business startup and expansion financing.  

  1. Assisting in developing a strategic plan to identify and recruit small business lending partners
  2. Provide loan readiness and the initial assessment for businesses seeking financing
  3. Assist the business in identifying the lending partners that best fit their financing needs
  4. Assist the lender with a California State loan guarantee for up to 80% of the loan amount
  5. Provide the economic impact of the financing to our sponsor or stakeholder
  6. Assist our stakeholders in identifying lenders that a CRA need for investing in loan funds


When community businesses are financed, a compelling benefit are the wages and sales tax, and how they interact with and shape the economy. As an example below is a sample matrix of the key benefits that the financing of four businesses made, with loan funds of $270,000.

Community Economic Development Impact


To learn more about Nor-Cal FDCs Programs and Services for Community Economic Impact and to discuss the options and strategies for creating small business financing and capturing economic benefit please contact out office for additional information.

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