State Loan Guarantee

The purpose of this program is to encourage local banks and non-bank lenders to make small to medium-sized business loans that are not traditionally bankable by providing the lender with additional security for a credit request in the form of a guarantee, which serves as an incentive to approve a commercial credit request it might not normally consider.

Who Can Apply

Small Businesses Located in California 1 – 750 Employees Eligible Non-Profits

Loan Guarantee

Up to 80% of loan amount with a maximum guarantee of $2.5M

Loan Amount

Total Loan Amount Up To $20 Million

Max Guarantee

$2.5 Million

Interest Amount

Determined by Lending Partner

Guarantee Term

Guarantee Up To 7 Years (loan terms can be longer)

State Loan Guarantee Use of Proceeds

  • Business Acquisition
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Bridge Financing
  • Construction
  • Real Estate Acquisition
  • Working Capital
  • Inventory
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Payroll